Inaugural Salesian Award

At the 9 AM Mass on January 22, Joe Perno was awarded the inaugural Salesian Award for his lifetime dedication and support of the Cathedral parish of the Immaculate Conception.  Joe is the longest active member of the parish whose gentleness is shared with everyone as he fulfills dutifully his ministry as an usher.  January 24th is the feast of St. Francis de Sales.  We decided that each year on the feast we will honor a special individual who follows the spirit of the gentleman saint of the 165th century.  Above all else, de Sales lived well the virtues of gentleness and humility.  If you know Joe Perno, you will agree that he too lives these virtues admirably.  Thank you, Joe, and congratulations!

El 22 de enero en la Misa a las 9, Joe Perno recibió el primer premio Salesiano por su contibución y dedicación a la parroquia.  El 24 de enero es la fiesta de San Francisco de Sales.  Decidimos que cada fiesta honraremos un individuo especial que encuentra bien el espíritu de este santo del siglo 16, un hombre que vivía bien los virtudes de humilidad y dulzura.  Si conoces a Joe Perno, el los vive bien también.  Gracias, Joe, por su apoyo y ejemplo.

Each year at DeSales Service Works we welcome about 5 young adults who are passionate about social justice to dedicate one year of their life to live simply in community while serving at a life-giving ministry in the city of Camden. These organizations depend on our volunteers to fulfill their missions and serve those most critically in need. This past year we were blessed with 5 volunteers, and for this coming fall we still have 4 positions we need to fill!

Volunteers are needed to help run various life-giving ministries- without them, they cannot survive. DSW is the lay volunteer program of the Oblates, and we seek to serve those who are marginalized, underserved, and most in need. We welcome volunteers for a Service Year, for Summer Immersions, and Service Retreats.
Our partner organizations are counting on us! 

642 MARKET STREET CAMDEN, NJ 08102 +THE CATHEDRAL PANTRY + Serves a take out lunch to about 400 from 10am to noon.
It is a brown lunch bag (sandwich and a snack take out only. Donations are always welcome, since we are also an emergency food pantry. 

Susan Mackey
Outreach Coordinator

Sobres de La Colecta 
Comenzando el domingo que viene, 13 de marzo, estaremos repartiendo los sobres de la colecta para lo que queda del año. Los sobres ya no vendrán por el correo. Por favor de recoger su cajita y si no se han registrado este año por favor hágalo pronto. Es muy importante. 

Gracias y Dios los bendiga. 

Collection Envelopes
Beginning on Sunday, March 13, the collection envelopes will be distributed in back of the church. The collection envelopes will not come in the mail any longer. If you have not yet registered for this year, please do so soon. It is very important. 

Thank you and God bless.
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